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October 24 - 28, 2014

ATI Vision

Alexander Technique International is a world-wide professional organization created to promote and advance the work begun by F. Matthias Alexander. Its members include teachers, students, and friends of the Alexander Technique. ATI embraces the diversity of the international Alexander Technique community and is working to promote international dialogue.


ATI Mission

To create and sustain open means of global communication for people to discuss, apply, research, and experiment with the discoveries of F. Matthias Alexander.

To encourage the use of the F. M. Alexander Technique in both human and environmental relationships.

To embody the principles of the F. M. Alexander Technique in ATI's structure and means of operation.

To provide a means for recognizing Alexander Technique Teacher competence and providing certification for those teachers who qualify.

ATI Annual Conference in Bordeaux, France, October 24 – October 28, 2014, with “ATI Teacher Certification” Processing sessions Pre-Day, October 23, 2014.

If you are attending this year’s Annual Conference in order to become an ATI Certified Teacher, the upcoming ATI Annual Conference pre-day offers a wonderful opportunity.

This Pre-Day is the only day that Teacher Certification processing will be offered. A supplemental Sunday morning session may be scheduled to those who need to complete their third session and who are attending the entire Annual Conference.

In order to help us administer a smooth process, please carefully review the following information:

1. We can only schedule as many certifying sessions as we have staff and time to cover. The sessions can require not only Sponsors, but translators, volunteer students and a space in which to work. We need to have all this organized in advance, so please register well before the cutoff date of August 1, 2014.

2. We accept applicants in the order in which we receive the applications.

3. Please register early as to ensure that you will have a slot in the Pre-Day.

4. When you register for the entire ATI Annual Conference, all certification process sessions are included in your $230.00 Conference registration fee ($330.00 for Non-Members). You will then be required to submit your teaching member annual dues with your finished application to ATI.

5. If you are only coming to participate in the certification process without attending the ATI conference, please note the following:

  • We charge $75.00 for each certification process session
  • This fee only covers the ATI certification process. Teaching Member dues from the day of certification is additional.

6. Important: Registration can be completed by clicking on the “Registration” tab below.

7. Give your attention to reviewing the basic requirements outlined in ATI’s “Criteria for Certification as an ATI Teaching Member.”

8. If you have Questions regarding to the ATI Teaching Certfication Process or ATI Sponsors please contact:
Nicole Perrone, Chair
ATI Certification Coordinating Committee

Please familiarize yourself with the ATI Teaching Member via Sponsorship Application. You may download and print the Application here: ATI Teaching Application

Pre-Day Registration

(Register HERE ONLY if you plan on attending the Pre-Day in order TO BE SPONSORED.)